About Alison Blasko

A professional writer and licensed massage therapist with certification in manual lymphatic drainage and advanced training in oncology massage, Alison has always been fascinated with the body mind connection to spirit and believes the three are inseparable.

It is her contention that we are all born as blessings for this world with unique gifts meant to be nurtured, cultivated, and shared, but sometimes we get lost along the way due to trauma, pain, loss, and abuse. She believes this can be transcended into something new through the power of healing, leading to profound spiritual transformation for oneself and for others.

She created the Law of Integrity based upon her life experiences, spiritual journey, and personal development and growth, including a near-death experience. It is her hope that The Law of Integrity imparts insights and tools that will be of value to others for their lives.

Alison will be releasing her books, The Law of Integrity; A New Way of Being, and Healing with Acronyms in the upcoming year. She is also developing an internet training course based upon the Law of Integrity concepts.

You can contact Alison via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Jennings Wire or send Alison an email.

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