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    Finding The Super Hero Within by Johnno Zee

      “There’s no fear; Underdog is here!!!” Y’all remember Underdog? That shoe-shining beagle/basset hound mix with a penchant for rhymes who transformed himself into a superhero with the pop of a pill? And who could forget that loveable reporter Sweet Polly Purebred, whom was oft the recipient of Underdog’s “save-the-day” feats? I know, it’s 2013 and we’ve got revamped takes on Superman and Batman on the big screen now.  Heck, we’ve got Ben Affleck slated as the revamped Batman. But … Continue reading »

    2013: Who Do You Intend to Be? by Jason Levitt

    Are you in integrity with yourself? It’s a key to living an unleashed life. People can see it in your eyes, hear it in your voice, and experience it through what you do and whom you choose to be. It shapes your choices, guides your relationships, and helps you sleep well or keeps you from it. It’s what connects you to people and movements around the world. Your personal Integrity as a human, being, dissolves all boundaries of skin color, gender, … Continue reading »

    2014–New Year, New Chapter, in Unwritten Book Called the Rest of Your Life

            Roll up the Holly, and toss out the tree. Not to mention that still unwrapped fruitcake sitting on the dining room table that is now stiff as a brick. Xmas is over as is the previous year and for many, ne’er a moment too soon. It’s time to pop those Champagne corks filled with ambitious wishes and plant those New Year’s kisses exploding with fireworks. Fireworks themselves explode in full color at the countdown to ten … Continue reading »

    9/11 & Lost Loved Ones Remembrance

    Ten years ago today, I, the world, watched in horror as the Twin Towers burst into flames. Innocents were lost that day. Innocence was lost that day. America the great had crumbled and fallen like Humpy Dumpty.  And the world has never been the same since. But while all the king’s horsemen and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again, the unity  and neighborly bonding that occurred immediately after the unconscionable act of the terrorists proved the … Continue reading »

    A New Kind of Independence Day!

    Happy Fourth of July All! The day is sure to be replete with lots sizzling fireworks not to mention those sizzling scents from the grill—be it steaks, hamburgers and hot dogs or veggie burgers, corn, and asparagus. This is a day for celebration. And while hopefully no bombs will be bursting in air, including in Iraq, it’s always nice to witness those Chrysanthemums, Comets, Beehives, Dragon Eggs and Dahlias, shower overhead while we extoll those collective Ooohs and Aaahs. But … Continue reading »

    Advice I’d Give My 16-Year-Old Self

    A Facebook friend of mine recently requested suggestions with regard to advice and topics to impart to a group of teens he was soon to be addressing.  Even though he himself is a watershed of information, he was asking for comments from others. Which got me thinking, what—if given the chance—would I impart to my teenage self? What would the adult me tell that girl knowing what I know now and based upon not only my life experiences but upon … Continue reading »

    Anger–A Daughter’s Rage at Alzheimer’s by P.J. McIlvaine

      We were sitting in a restaurant–me, my mother, and the jerk who eventually became her second husband (he was also the creep who tried to molest me under the guise of fatherly pretense). He went on and on about how much he loved my mother, that my brother and I had nothing to worry about. He promised to always take care of her, and how my brother and I would always be welcome. I seethed–I didn’t need his patronizing … Continue reading »

    Be the Change

    Gandhi said and lived it best—be the change you wish to see in the world. Of course his predecessors and contemporaries sound this clarion call too—Jesus, Buddha, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr. and the Dali Lama just to name a few. But the quote hails from Gandhi’s actual words. And not only did he live by that code, he died by it, paving the way for tolerance, change hoping for peace with his every footstep. They are words and … Continue reading »

    Beating Betrayal—5 Reasons We Must Always Forgive and Why It’s Imperative

    Betrayal cuts to the core of the human existence. It’s great artistic food for fodder and oft the keynote topic for blues and country singers alike, not to mention poets. BB King wails “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” with extra emphasis on the shame due to help from his trusty guitar Lucille in his smash hit by the same title. It’s a catchy little tune with an even catchier riff. It cuts to … Continue reading »

    Can We Heal Another or Is That Arrogance of the Ego?

    It is my humble opinion that offering a group healing—such as prayer for the planet or for an oppressed group of individuals—is quite different than when trying to perform an individual healing of a specific person. In the case of the latter, it is my humble opinion that permission from the recipient is not only imperative but also mandatory. This has been the common thread and general consensus I have acquired—based on insights, conversations and the experiences of many individuals … Continue reading »

    Change: It’s scary. It’s awesome. It’s necessary. by Steve Silverman

    Change.  It’s scary.  It’s awesome.  It’s necessary. When I was seventeen years old, my father got a new job offer in Arizona.  Did I mention the part where we lived in New Jersey?  Go look on a map.  Arizona is about as far west as you can go before hitting, well, California and the Pacific Ocean.  Did I mention the other part where I got to decide whether he should take it and move himself, my Mom and me across … Continue reading »

    Do Words Hold Power in Spiritual Healing?

    Words define us. Words confine us. Words hold power. Who we are; who we become; whom others see us as; whom we see others as seeing us as is based upon words. You are what you eat so the health food industry tells us—true; but you are also who you and what others say you are. For that drafts one’s definition of self. Our first definition of self arrives at birth in the form of our given birth name. Who … Continue reading »

    Do You Know What Is Happening IN PLAIN SIGHT? by David Trotter

      I am a student of the human condition. I am fascinated with the human psyche and the human soul. What makes us tick; why we do what we do; why there is injustice in the world and what decides whether or not we as individuals have the mettle to take a stance and make a difference and change. That is who I am. My mission is to try as best I can to make this world a better place … Continue reading »

    Does God Rejoice or Weep over Earth’s Religious Bickering?

    There is so much discord with regard to our religious dogmas, or rather with regard to the fundamentalist factions of these various religious dogmas, bickering over God’s Will. This is not a new problem.  One merely needs to do a Google search to realize this– The Crusades, Hitler’s persecution of the Jews; the Israeli/Palestine conflict.  The various warring factions of the Sunnis and Shiites in the Muslim community. Not to mention the various elements of hate displayed among the Christian … Continue reading »

    Embracing the Power of Love by Jesus Nebot

      INTRODUCTION This report is a summary of the main ideas I shared at the last National Conference On Race and Ethnicity in New York City where I was invited to make a presentation on the topic “Beyond Tolerance”. After leading the participants into a discussion about concepts, tactics and goals that are traditionally used in diversity programs and trainings, we evaluated their effectiveness. Then I introduced a new perspective that encourages trainers and educators to embrace Love as the … Continue reading »

    Fair Trade; Fair Business; Haggling; Integrity—A European Persective by Hans-Peter Zimmermann

      I know Americans don’t like to be criticized, especially not by Non-Americans. But this blog is called “Law of Integrity”, and integrity also means to remain true to yourself even at the risk of being rejected for an unpopular opinion. I will take that challenge and tell the American people: The way most of you do sales may be worthy of an oriental bazar, but not of the leading people of the civilized world. For a group event I … Continue reading »

    Follow Your Christmas Star

            I love the night sky. Ever since a child. When little I used to think that the brightest star of the night was there just for me. I never called it my North Star and later I discovered I was right for it was never the North Star I gazed upon but instead Venus—which is a planet and not a star at all. As an adult, I like to think that that star the Wise Men … Continue reading »

    Freedom by Jason Levitt

      I’m going to share a story about some of my experiences and ‘evolutions’ over the last month, in hopes that you’ll be able to relate and be inspired to make some of these same leaps yourself. We enter the stream of events on a day my laptop decided to slow to a crawl while I was, as usual, trying to get a ton of things done. I ran a system check and the screen spit out an error code. … Continue reading »

    Healing Through Unity & Harmony by Marty Schirn

    John Lennon sang “Imagine all the people….Living life in peace.” Guest blogger Marty Schirn imagines just that—a world that lives in harmony, peace and compassion for all. While LOI  does not endorse or promote any religion above another, LOI is happy to share any perspective that endorses the principles of love and integrity with the intention of making this world a better place. As such, LOI is proud to share the insights of Mr.Schirn’s faith, which is an integral aspect … Continue reading »

    Healthy Choices by Johnno Zee

    When it was time for me to get back in for a physical to renew my medical certification last summer, the doctor told me to lose 20 lbs. I’m sure there was the possibility that he felt that he was wasting his breath considering that people in general don’t always head the doctor’s advice. But I did. I got back into the gym and started walking at our nearby nature trail. I decided to get pro-active about my diet. By … Continue reading »

    How to Forgive Others Without Becoming a Personal Human Doormat

    Last week I addresses WHY we need to forgive.  But HOW do we this without being perceived as weak, or worse not only a push-over but a personal human doormat with a welcome sign on it inviting all to wipe their feet on us? To me, it depends on how we perceive the act of forgiveness. Some see forgiveness as a sign of flip-flopping or indecisiveness. Others see it as a form of weakness, the inability to stand up for … Continue reading »

    If All Else Fails by P.J. McIlvaine

    I’m a wife, mother, daughter, Gamma—and no, as Ringo once famously sang, it ain’t easy.  Toss in juggling a full time job, my writing projects, being the full-time caregiver for my mother, a once busy, active, independent woman now a mere shell of her former self due to dementia/Alzheimer’s, plus all the mundane, boring day- to-day stuff that makes up modern life—and it’s no wonder that stress and anxiety turns my tummy into a Gordian Knot. I’m not perfect; far … Continue reading »

    Integrity Is Being by Eric Brodeur

        The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines integrity as a “firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values.” Most people feel it shares company with words like ‘honesty’ and ‘morality’ but it’s neither of those things. Integrity is “doing what you said you would do, when you said you would do it.” In short, it’s about fulfilling your commitments to others and yourself. Breakdowns and Excuses It’s exceedingly difficult to be in integrity so let’s do a simple test of my definition. You told your … Continue reading »

    Integrity Lost: Combating Negativity Online by Christine Conradt

      I am on the cusp of turning 40. And when you stand where I am, you can’t help but reflect on your life, count your accomplishments and ponder whether you’re where you thought you’d end up. It’s natural, and it’s also natural to look back at the world in which you grew up—mine was characterized by glam rock and oversized Fergie bows—and compare it to the world we live in today.  And then, of course, you realize how much … Continue reading »

    Is it EVER okay to cheat in a relationship? by Kute Blackson

        (Recently a woman from my MAN Breakthrough seminar asked me “Kute, would a spiritual man or woman ever be unfaithful in a relationship? And is it ever forgivable or is that a sign that perhaps the relationship is not the real deal ?” The essence of my response is below and in the video above). To love, trust and honor yourself is the ultimate foundation for any relationship. The relationship with yourself is mirrored in the relationship with … Continue reading »

    Leveraging Time by Carter Mason

    Time is not your enemy, and it can be a powerful ally. Your relationship to time determines your success or failure. The desire for immediate results and gratification can be overwhelming. Right now in early February, the gym is already less crowded than it was a month ago. New Year’s resolutions have worn off for many, because human beings can’t undo years of bad habits in a couple of weeks. The results aren’t immediately apparent, so it becomes difficult to … Continue reading »

    Living in the Abyss

    Originally I intended to call this Are We Our Brother’s Keeper Or Is That Now Passé? Conceived it during the Holiday season. I like many passed the ubiquitous Salvation Army tin cans with the mostly unappreciative and despondent bell ringers manning said cans. And I assume as with most, I tossed in a few coins, spares ones, and even a few 20s a few times. To which I received the requisite thank you and God bless.  And occasionally a smile. … Continue reading »

    Meditation & Neurofeedback: Calm the Mind by Gene Desrochers

      I started meditating on December 28, 2012 and decided that I would try to do it everyday through 2013.  I had spent some time meditating when I was in university in the early ‘90s; however, it had been a long time since I did it regularly. In fact, I used to have a black meditation pillow, and when I decided to start again, I searched for it.  It was gone, so I’ve been sitting on throw pillows for the … Continue reading »

    No Comment? by Richard Romano

    If you have spent any amount of time in the blogosphere or on online news sites, you have likely experienced all the colorful varieties of user comments. In many cases, you’ll get some civil responses, and even some that raise good points and are quite helpful, adding additional information beyond what was in a story or post. There can be an effective dialogue with the writer, who can clarify points. Comments on news stories and blog posts can provide a … Continue reading »

    Penn State–The Felled Golden Calf

    We, Americans tend to seek idols. We even have a reality show titled just that—American Idol. We seek them in form of what we perceive as gifted, blessed individuals; ones who possess the talent and skills we ourselves wish we had. We exalt them to nearly irreproachable heights; turn them into not only heroes but into demigods. Like Aaron of the Old Testament fame, we create a golden calf and worship it to no end.  Especially with regard to our … Continue reading »

    Playing the Hand You’re Dealt by Rev. George Baum

      “Fear not! For I am with you. Do not be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.” Context: Isa 41: 8-10 – The prophet Isaiah speaks words of encouragement to God’s people who are discouraged, disconnected from God, and fearful. Five years ago: My Dad had stroke which descended into dementia. Every Sunday eve we used to talk on the phone for over an hour – … Continue reading »

    Rebounding From the Curve Ball

    Yep, mixed basketball and baseball analogy here. Whoddathunkit? Those who know me would say it fits.  I love both sports and I grew up watching The Great One, Roberto Clemente, play. My first inspirational hero in life, Clemente was a great humanitarian as well as a great ballplayer–one whose life was cut short following a fatal plane crash that carried him and emergency supplies to victims of the Nicaraguan earthquake in 1972. He had a nasty curve ball thrown his … Continue reading »

    Reflections from the Pond–Integrity and the Blank Canvas by Betsy Lohrer Hall

    A well-trained Olympic diver neatly parts the water as she enters it—she barely makes a ripple. Thinking or acting with integrity is much like this. It is clear and direct, and it may seem effortless. But it is not easy; it takes practice. So today, I practice. I aspire to having right thoughts, right words, and right actions. I try to be as honest, accurate, and consistent as I can be. I aim for my actions to match my words … Continue reading »

    Re~Belle by Jordan Ross Allen

    “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be”—Lao Tzu When I was young I had my share of traumatic events in my life. Just like you! One thing that I’ve learned is that these events had no meaning. They were just things that happened in my life. Then, I applied meaning to them. Most times it was a subconscious decision, an instantaneous reaction to what was happening. There was no knowledge or wisdom that … Continue reading »

    Scratch Beneath the Surface

      “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” We all like to spout this cliché, but few of us truly adhere to it, myself included. We live in a diverse, complicated world. We rely on our senses to navigate it—sight being one.  We make assessments based on the images and preconceived notions our senses communicate to us. The pierced and tattooed teen—a rebel; the cloaked, bearded Middle Eastern man—a radical; the grey-haired, wrinkled woman—old, displaced, no longer attractive or of … Continue reading »

    Search Engine Optimization Integrity – It Pays to Develop A Long-Term Strategy by Amanda Engel

    If you have a website then chances are you’ve heard of search engine optimization or SEO. In simple terms, SEO is the idea of optimizing your website to rank as high as possible in the search engines (preferably page one of the results and within the top few listing). The idea is to drive relevant traffic to your website, and convert that traffic into sales or leads. Not all SEOs are created equal Optimizing your website to gain the highest … Continue reading »

    Self Control by Dean Nixon

      To truly be the master of our own lives we must first learn to master ourselves. The power of self-control as an ally in the quest for peace is essential for understanding truth. It provides discipline and limits the self-destructive thoughts and behaviors. It is easier to surrender to the bondage of blame, not only blaming others but our situations through which we find justification for lack of self-control.   Self-mastery or control of thought is first; second the … Continue reading »

    The Butterfly Principle

    We are spirits in quest of a physical experience. Which of course is contrary to our indoctrination—that we are physical beings in search of spirituality. We are weaned off the security of our mother’s wombs with the message that we are born into sin; or we have been reborn to pay past karmic debts. We carry a six-pack of guilt with us. Always wondering if we are in God’s favor or is that just too far out of reach. No … Continue reading »

    The Choice to Think by Frank Natale

    The choice to think determines your reality. When you are conscious you have all the relationships you choose to have. When you choose to be healthy and prosperous you are clear about what your body requires and the direction your career is headed. With practice you learn to think faster and make clear choices, knowing you can always change your mind. The choice to think is an alternative beyond decision, the experience of moving into the unknown with excitement rather … Continue reading »

    The Hero Within–A Journey Toward Happiness by Jenny Ngo

          PARADIGM: Stuck in a Habit When I was young life was difficult, or rather I was resistant to it.  You always hear people say “I wish I knew then what I know now” and boy doesn’t that ring true for me.  I knew nothing of the concept of allowing or being in the flow. I kept waiting and wishing that one day some miraculous thing, be it an idea, a man, a rich person, the lottery or … Continue reading »

    The New School Bully; It’s Not Who You Think by Cindy Hogan

    There is a new bully in town and it’s not who you think.  Our schools have been fighting the good fight for a while now with positive results, but bullying still happens.  We hear it in the news all the time about some mean kid launching an attack on a peer and making their life unbearable.  To combat bullying and harmful behavior our school systems have drilled it into our children from early on that they need to report anything … Continue reading »

    The Pickup Sticks Perspective

    As a child I used to play pickup sticks. You know the game—the one where you have to pick a spindly thin long fragile plastic stick off the floor without touching another stick. Sorta like mind your P’s and Q’s or never mix your veggies with your mashed potatoes. Never the twain shall meet. I hated that game.  As a child, because I invariably always lost. As an adult, because it conjured the obsolete philosophy of segregation of the races, … Continue reading »

    Timeless Gift by Stephanie Stevens

        Years ago, I was reading the engraving inside of a beautiful antique pocket watch. It read: “To my darling husband, your loving wife and children.” The engraved year was dated in the late 1800s. Immediately I envisioned that scene so long ago. When the wife gave that stopwatch she was giving a piece of her heart. The meaning behind the gift is a timeless treasure. Though this family was now a ghost of a portrait past, I could … Continue reading »

    Too Wired in a Wireless Society? Recharge Your Spirit

    Let’s face it, whether we like or not, we live in a wired world. Or should I say wireless? Not sure about you but when my computer is on the fritz, or the cable goes out—I know who even uses cable anymore?—or if I don’t have enough bars to make the call let alone check the internet, I get discombobulated. God forbid any of this should happen before I had my morning coffee, yet another form of wired indigenous to … Continue reading »

    Unconditional Love by Ralph Cissne

    When springtime approaches we are mindful of renewal, harmony and what conscious cultures consider a way of life: to honor the feminine. The concept of spiritual practice passing “through the feminine” marked the beginning of human consciousness and transcendent experience. It is our nature to be grounded in the earth and to reach for the sun and the stars, much like an oak tree or a mountain or the thousands of ancient pyramids and sacred sites we find buried on … Continue reading »

    Who Are Your Balcony People?—A Tribute to Martin Luther King

    Today we celebrate the holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr., one of the greatest social justice crusaders, orators, pacifists, and spiritual workers the world has even known.  Least to mention one of the greatest visionaries. His I have Dream Speech resonates as strong and as imperative for all today as when he delivered it back in the 60s. An eloquent and powerful speech delivered atop the Lincoln Memorial steps to 200,000 supporters which defined the American Civil rights Movement, it … Continue reading »

    Whose Power Is It Anyway?

    There’s so much discussion about power nowadays. A higher power. Political power. Power of the people. Not to be left out are empowerment, power corrupts, powerful and powerless. But what is power? Why does one person feel powerful, another empowered and yet another powerless? What creates these divergent elements of power?  And whose power is it really? It is ours.  It belongs to each and every one of us. For truth is we all have power. We are all equally … Continue reading »

    Why Wait for Santa To Come to Town When You Can Be One All Year Round?

        It’s that time of year again. Black Friday has passed and hopefully we all survived. Carols don the airwaves. Tree lots miraculous sprouted, and even if you live in a sunny California, as I do, you get frosted trees—bringing at least the appearance of winter into your very own home. The Holiday spirit is in full swing. Kitchens are rich with baked cookies, cakes, and pies. Offices are filled with merry parties and pleasant social chatter. We line … Continue reading »

    Yoga: A Path to Integrity by Malaurie Barber

    One of the definitions of integrity is “the state of being whole.” I think that is a perfect definition for it.  I know personally that if I am out of integrity with myself or another person I feel as if I am disassociating from my soul and it is left outside my body shaking its finger at me with a disapproving look on its face. Not a good feeling. We all step out of integrity at times; it is what … Continue reading »