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    Healing with Acronmys: PAST

        Pull All Stuff Together And put it in a box.     Can’t change the past. The past will come back to haunt you. Stop living in the past as the present is all we get that’s why it’s called the present for it’s the gift of today. We’ve all heard and said the clichés no doubt. But it is at times easier said than done. Especially if we feel sorrow, grief, anger or regret toward the past … Continue reading »

    Healing with Acronmys: QUIT

        Quickly Uncover Inspiration Triumph   We’ve all faced it—the desire to give up and quit. Sometimes the mountain seems too steep, the path too detoured with road blocks, the outcome while firmly in view just a tad out of reach. We’ve all been there at one time or another and we’ve all most likely quit at one time or another as well. But when we do that nagging little voice in the back of our minds taunts us … Continue reading »

    Healing with Acronyms: Addiction

      Accept Dis-ease Direct Intention Continuously Toward Intervention Obtaining New beginnings / New Normal   I was working on this post when I heard about the tragic death of Whitney Houston.  While the cause of her death has yet to be determined, one thing we do know is that during her life she battled addiction. A condition that knows neither boundaries nor containment based upon social, economic, racial, religious, gender, sexual preference or geographical  commonalities or definitions. There are many forms of … Continue reading »

    Healing With Acronyms: BAD

      Begin Alternative Direction How many times do we hear others, a parent even, tell a child he is bad? Conversely, how many times do we hear a misbehaving toddler utter the mantra–bad boy…..bad… bad… bad boy? More oft than should occur. On both accounts. A championship final game score where your team lost is bad. Three-day old sushi is bad. Running a red light and crashing into a pole, resulting in a totaled car (especially if it is a … Continue reading »

    Healing With Acronyms: BETRAYAL

      Beyond Expended/Extolled/Experienced Turmoil Realization/Reality Always Yields Amazing Lessons/Leaps/Love   Betrayal cuts to the core. It can even destroy our sense of trust in others, sense of trust in self. When we view betrayal as an attack upon self at the hands of another, we experience it from an emotive standpoint.   For it oft comes unexpected and from left field. Betrayal oft leaves us blindsided and scratching our heads as to contemplating the reason why ….what did we do? … Continue reading »

    Healing With Acronyms: CANCER

      Cure All Now Compassionately Effect Recovery   Yet but a few years ago the topic, let alone condition, of cancer was taboo. The mere mention of the word incited such fear that some felt it could be transmitted by osmosis. It was an enigma. This fortunately has changed and the education and awareness not to mention research, treatments, compassion and care has flourished exponentially. Still, this has not quelled the incident rate of cancer. Today statistics report that cancer is … Continue reading »

    Healing with Acronyms: CRY

      Comply Release Yield     We know the rules. They’ve been drummed into our heads since before we could speak the word internet, let alone navigate it, and the repercussions of those words have pounded in our brains ever since every time we’ve felt the urge. Boys don’t cry. Time to put your big girl panties on; big girls never cry. Don’t cry wolf. Only sissies cry. Only babies cry. Stop crying over spilt milk. It’s a crying shame. Dry up … Continue reading »

    Healing with Acronyms: DARE

      Dreams Are Reality Eventually   Remember that childhood game Truth or Dare? We’d often opt for the dare as to avoid having to tell the truth. But when it came to time to tackle the dare, we’d shake with trepidation. It takes courage to venture into new unproven ground and many times our wildest dreams await us at the end of the journey.  But the road there is another thing. It is often paved with stumbles and bumps, disappointments … Continue reading »

    Healing with Acronyms: EGO

    Express Genuineness Outwardly   Ego—that three-letter four-letter word. Everyone’s got one. Yet everyone complains about everyone else’s. Ego as of late has gotten a bad rap. It has become synonymous with arrogance and a self-inflated sense of one’s value and worth. It’s become a three-letter word to toss someone’s way when we want to avoid one of the four-letter words a tad harsher than jerk that our mothers told us never to say. When we say someone has an ego … Continue reading »

    Healing With Acronyms: EVIL

    Express/exemplify Visions/viewpoints Illuminating/illustrating Love   Evil is the opposite of live.  Literally. For evil is the word live spelled backwards. Sound like a Japanese koan? One meant for contemplation for decades in solitude among revered monks with little prospect of an outcome with regard to a definitive answer? Perhaps. Evil exists.  There is no doubt about that. One needs only to look at Hitler’s atrocities or the current unrest in the Middle East or the plight of the children of Darfur … Continue reading »

    Healing with Acronyms: FAIL

      Find Another Idea Learn   No one likes to fail. Let’s face it. But as they say, if at once you don’t succeed, try try, again. That is how you transform failure into a valuable lesson learned and into a success. For the only true way one fails, is if one becomes disillusioned and not only quits, but gives up and spirals into the void. Some of the world’s greatest successes sprung from previous failures. Some of the world’s … Continue reading »

    Healing with Acronyms: FEAR

      Focus Examine Acknowledge Release There is no doubt about it—fear paralyzes. It is a debilitating reaction that elicits a psychological, physiological and neurological response. Physiologically, fear initiates a fight or flight response that in ancient times was imperative for mankind’s survival. When faced with a threat, such as a lion seeking to eat you, the adrenals kicked in and the subsequent surge of adrenaline prompted you to either fight off the predator or pump it into high gear and … Continue reading »

    Healing With Acronyms: FEAR

      Focus Energy Adjust Response Fear is a part of the human condition. Some (and I agree with respect to an emotional response) say fear is the opposite vibration of love. A lower vibration of the same energetic pulse that resonates love. In this respect fear is the precursor to disdain and hate. It is a selfish fear. Fear is also a primal instinctual response.  A practical one. A fight or flight response that is imperative for survival. If an … Continue reading »

    Healing with Acronyms: FOOL

      Forget Others’ Opinions Laugh   Even Shakespeare’s darkest tragedies infuse comic relief. Can we say Macbeth and the Porter in unison everyone. The town fool supplying tension-breaking buffoonery is a staple in all great drama. Laughter at follies, and especially at others’, is part of our human dynamic. Without it the world would be dark, dim, and morose. Still, nobody likes to be viewed as the fool or as having done something foolish.  In essence, we want ….even need….comic … Continue reading »

    Healing with Acronyms: GRIEF

      Gratitude Remembrance Inspiration Eulogize Forever   I had intended to write this week about a lighter topic and word—DORK. Unfortunately the reality inherent to the experience and the word itself, grief, struck fast and furiously. And as is often the case unexpectedly. I’ve just returned from perhaps one of the most emotional and inspirational memorials I’ve ever attended. It was the celebration of the life of not only a dear friend, but also an educator extraordinaire, mentor, trailblazer, and visionary. … Continue reading »

    Healing With Acronyms: GUILT

      Generate Understanding Initiate Living Truthfully   Guilty pleasure. Guilt by association. Guilty conscious.  Guilty verdict. Guilty as sin. Seems guilt is ubiquitous nowadays. Everywhere we turn someone is guilty of something.  Guilt conjures images of the snarky cricket Jiminy perched upon Pinocchio’s shoulder telling him what he should and should not do. And while our noses may not grow, the regrets weighted on our shoulders often do. Succinctly put—guilt is when we feel bad. Its emotional counterpart shame on … Continue reading »

    Healing With Acronyms: HATE

      Healing All Together Everywhere “I HATE YOU!!!!” are words all of us have heard at some point in our lives. And they cut to our very core. But what is hate…really…and what causes it? Ideology?–as in hatred between democrats and republicans? Religion?–as in hatred between fundamentalist Christians and fundamentalist Muslims? Or is it personal and guttural as in hatred one feels toward an abusive parent or a former loved who betrayed you? Whatever its cause, hate is powerful. We’re … Continue reading »

    Healing with Acronyms: LIE

      LIVE INTEGRITY EVERYDAY   The Thompson Twins sang it best….lies are going to get you.  And while both the band and song is retro today, the message still rings current. Lies will get you every time. It is just a matter of when and how. We all fib. We all tell small lies, usually at the hopes of sparing another’s feelings. Child saying he ate all his peas and loved them, when you can clearly see the dog chowing … Continue reading »

    Healing with Acronyms: LOSER

      Let liberating Opportunities Successfully surface Employ R……..remarkable results   Remember the days past when teachers punished students by sequestering them to the corner with the requisite dunce cap placed atop the head while classmates pointed fingers and snickered at their desks? Dunce was the politically correct term du jour for loser for those of you under 30. There is nothing quite as debilitating to the spirit as being called a loser unless of course you are a winning contestant … Continue reading »

    Healing with Acronyms: MISFIT

      Manifest Inner Strength Find Individual Truth     Remember the “island of misfit toys” in Rudolph? The winter wonderland where all the oddball toys huddled in the cold with tear-streamed faces lamenting how once again Santa left them behind and they’d once again be homeless on Xmas day. As a child I always waited with bated breath hoping and praying that Santa would come this year and that Rudolph would blaze the way. Of course, that wish always came … Continue reading »

    Healing with Acronyms: PULL

      Pure Unconditional Limitless Love   The word pull often conjures images of disruption or pain such as being pulled apart, or split at the seams. When you feel that life, trauma, or others are pulling you apart or pulling you in every direction but forward or up—stop, take a breath, count to ten. Then envision a refuge of serenity that is dear to your heart and send PULL….pure, unconditional, limitless love…. to the situation, person or trauma that is … Continue reading »

    Healing With Acronyms: RAGE

      Reject Aggression Generate Empathy Road rage. Roid rage. Relationship rage. We’ve all lived it. Fact is we’ve either directed it toward another or had it directed toward us…or both. We live in difficult times. Our planet seems to be in disarray. Hope seems to have segued into hopelessness; or worse hope seems to be an attribute to the Pollyannas who have no concept of reality. Reality, however, is what we create and we create that which we believe. Therefore, we … Continue reading »

    Healing With Acronyms: SHAME

      Send Healing Affirmations Manifest Equilibrium Shame is the red-headed stepchild of guilt. And like Cinderella, if you dwell in the spiritual abyss  shame creates, you are stuck sweeping up the ashes. Only the abyss is your life not a house. Most everyone has felt ashamed at some point or another. Think about it–how many times have we heard or said the words shame on you? Then think about how you felt when those words were said to you; then … Continue reading »

    Healing With Acronyms: SIN

      Send Infinite Namaste   Sin—original sin, cardinal sin, mortal sin, Jesus died for our sins. We’ve all heard about sin. Been told we have sinned. We’ve lived in fear and felt the need for absolution from our sins. But what is sin…..really? The word’s origins hail from Greek derived from the word hamartanō.  It’s an old archer’s term that means off the mark.  In short it means—you missed your target, you are off-center and off-base. You did not yet perfect … Continue reading »

    Healing with Acronyms: STUPID

      Send Tenderness Understanding Patience Inclusion Daily “Stupid is as stupid does.” One of the most memorable trademark lines from FORREST GUMP, it elicits laughter when said in context of the movie. And there is a gem to be found here as we all do stupid things. None are immune. I know I have. I am pretty sure you have too. Many of us locked keys in the car.  I even know someone who had them placed in the ignition … Continue reading »